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Click here for everything you need on our Reception phonics journey!

Welcome to Phonics in Reception and Year 1!


Below we have a presentation for you which we hope will give you everything you need to know about phonics and answer any questions that you may have had.  


There is audio with this presentation which gives additional, valuable information so please ensure your speakers are turned on and up! 


Click on the link below which will take you to our Video page and click on 'Phonics in Reception'. In order to be able to upload this presentation successfully to the website we have had to edit our original commentary so please use the pause button if you would like to read all the information on screen before it moves on, or simply rewind and pause to recapture anything you may have missed.


Grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and we hope you enjoy!



Please find below a number of websites, media pages and online resources that your child can use to support their learning of phonics at home. We will continue to add to these when new resources are discovered that we feel can be beneficial. Have fun!