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Friends of Rhiwbeina


Friends of Rhiwbeina

(also known as "FoR")  is a "Friends" Association supporting 
Rhiwbeina Primary School



Our mission is to provide extra funds for the school, and to create a community of parents that demonstrates the values incumbent in the school.  Think of FoR as enabling the school to be "better, faster".  Tax will pay for most things, but funds have to be prioritised. FoR funds enable the school to renew, replace or upgrade facilities  sooner, and enable it to adopt newer initiatives earlier.


FoR also provides funds for facilities that benefit  parents directly, such as the tarmac path around the nursery playground. 

We are also very aware of the school's motto

"TEAM - Together, Everyone Achieves More". 


It is only by working in partnership with the leadership of the school,

the teaching and non-teaching staff and the governors that FOR can run the events and activities that they do!


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