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We believe that reading is central to a child’s understanding of the school curriculum and is of vital importance in life. Fluent readers can access a full range of life experiences and can enjoy a breadth of genres and writers.

At Rhiwbeina Primary School, we aim to develop a love and appreciation of reading which will stay with children for life. We achieve this by using a wide range of strategies and resources that are inclusive for all.


Children in the Foundation Phase begin their reading journey through learning phonics. Please click below to view an introduction to the 'Letters and Sounds' phonic scheme:


As children develop, individual reading and Guided Group Reading sessions continue to develop and refine wider reading skills such as fluency, comprehension, inference and deduction.


If you wish to help at home, please click below to the view our Helping at Home leaflet, Oxford Owl parent user guide and list of High Frequency Words.


How to help your child with reading....

A great idea to help children read more...........Turn On The Subtitles. 

We wanted to let you know how this brilliantly simple, free, small change to children’s existing TV viewing habits can drastically improve their reading skills. Here is Stephen Fry to explain the benefits of turning on the subtitles in more detail.


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