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Year 4


In Year 4 you will have the opportunity to..... use school pens throughout the year! ......Frame all of your amazing works of art with a border pen! make and eat your very own naan bread(yummy!)! .... take part in Egyptian/Indian/Roman themed days to celebrate the end of each topic.


Year Four has some of the coolest school visits and some even last all day! You get to go to the beach. A school day at the beach what could be better than that? See for yourself how the South-East tower at Caerphilly Castle leans at an even further angle than the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! Step back in time and become a fighting Roman Legionary soldier at Caerleon. How would you like to pull the brains out of somebody's nostils? Well at the Egyptology Centre in Swansea you will have this very opportunity and will examine real mummified cats, crocodiles and hippos!


These are our year 4 topics...

Tomb Raiders

  • Have you ever wanted to be Indiana Jones and explore your own Temple of Doom? Then ‘Tomb Raiders’ is the topic for you! 
  • Become an expert in Egyptology and learn how to mummify your worst enemy!! 
  • We don’t promise a class trip to Egypt but you will get to visit the Egyptian Museum in Swansea to explore life in the Underworld and to pull out brains through the nostril. What more could you want from a school trip?
  • Visit : The Egyptian Museum in Swansea 

To find our more about our topic Tomb Raiders see our Helping at Home letter & Pupil Voice below:

Prisoner in the Keep

  • Have you ever wondered how to attack and defend a castle?
  • Well, this is clearly the topic for you. 
  • Learn how to build a castle that will keep the meanest of enemies out. 
  • Learn how to attack a castle by undermining the walls, battering down the gate or simply by besieging it and throwing a dead cow over the castle walls to spread disease!! 
  • This is also the opportunity for you to bring out the poet in you as you appraise well known poems and get to write your own.

To find out more about Prisoner in the Keep see Helping at Home letter and Pupil Voice


  • Have you ever thought about setting up your own business and making a huge profit?  Well now is your chance to take the opportunity of a life time and apply for a loan from the bank of Mrs.Harry to set up your own business!! 
  • However, be prepared to enter the ‘Dragon’s Den’ in order to convince Mrs Harry of your entrepreneurial ideas-she will not part with her money easily!!
  • You will love working with your class mates to develop your ideas for a product or a service with a nautical theme for ‘The Enterprise Project’. 
  • Please note that all profits generated from the project will be donated to the R.N.L.I which is the History focus of the topic.
  •  If that is not enough ,this is also the topic where you get to visit the beach!!


  • Travel back in time to the Roman invasion of Wales.
  • Battle with the Silures and conquer their lands. 
  • Discover whether the Romans were as civilized as the History books make out! 
  • Find out about what the Romans ever did for us!
  • Have you ever wanted to find out about what life was like as a Roman legionary soldier
  • Then join us on our visit to Roman Isca and discover just how cramped and stinky the living conditions were!
  • Visit : Caerleon Museum and see how life was for a Roman Soldier.


  • Do you like Indian food? Then you’ll love this topic!
  • What other topic allows you to design and make your own Naan bread and best of all eat it? 
  • Also, get into the Bollywood groove and create your own Indian dance! Get those dancing shoes on! 
  • You’ll also get the chance to read the actual blogs of the children who live in Chembakolli, a small rural village in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu., and also get to write your own blog about life in Rhiwbeina. 
  • Visit :learn about the main religion of India, Hinduism, by visiting the Mandir in Cardiff.

Y Gadair Wyllt - The Wild Chair

  • Become one of the ‘Welsh Whisperers’ who tell the tales of Wales from long ago. Tales of magic and mystery. 
  • Tales of creatures that lurk in the shadows and have been observed on moonlit nights!!! 
  • Are you brave enough to become a ‘Welsh Whisperer’ and tell the tales of ‘The Tylwth Teg’- The Fairy Folk of Rhiwbeina? 
  • Be prepared to be amazed by the history and folklore of Rhiwbeina.
  • Did you know that there is an iron age fort in Rhiwbeina?
  • Did you know that there was a bloodthirsty battle in Rhiwbeina that changed history?