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Year 4


In Year 4 you will have the opportunity to..... use school pens throughout the year! ......Frame all of your amazing works of art with a border pen! make and eat your very own naan bread(yummy!)! .... take part in Egyptian/Indian/Roman themed days to celebrate the end of each topic.


Year Four has some of the coolest school visits and some even last all day! You get to go to the beach. A school day at the beach what could be better than that? See for yourself how the South-East tower at Caerphilly Castle leans at an even further angle than the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! Step back in time and become a fighting Roman Legionary soldier at Caerleon. How would you like to pull the brains out of somebody's nostils? Well at the Egyptology Centre in Swansea you will have this very opportunity and will examine real mummified cats, crocodiles and hippos! Unfortunately these trips are not scheduled to go ahead currently due to Covid19 restrictions.


Your Hwb login will give you access to your Google Classroom.  Here you will find the topic related interactive 'Helping at Home' information which contains lots of links for you to explore which will help you with your learning.