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Information for Parents/Carers - E.Safety for children.


Link to a PowerPoint from WECTU which focus is online safety, in addition a host of resources offered by partner agencies that are available to children, families and young people:-



Parent Zone





Parent Zone are working in partnership with the Cardiff Prevent Team during the financial year 20/21, Parent Zone have made a host of free resources that can be used to support families during this period of lockdown.


Prevent Education Network (PEN)

Cardiff Local Authority works closely with colleagues from around the UK and are part of the ‘South of England & Wales’ networking group. Partners from Waltham Forest have put together information for parents/carers and young people in provide a clearer picture on social media apps and the online world.


Shout Out UK






Shout Out UK have a set of resources available for parents, teachers and young people these cover a range of topics including media literacy, covering trolls and bots. 



Below are a host of resources with a focus on internet safety and relevance of fact checking information children may come across online.

Digital Literacy Resources

BBC Bitesize: Fact or Fake – lots of activities and resources related to fake news and COVID-19

ShoutOut UK – Free weekly resources on online harms, conspiracy theories, how to spot fake news and deal with trolls.

Trust Me – primary and secondary lessons resources to explore critical thinking online.

Be Internet Citizens – lesson resources on fake news, hate speech, emotional manipulation. 

BBC Evidence Toolkit – interactive software, lesson plans and teacher notes to review media stories. 

BBC Real News – videos, lesson plans, podcasts related to digital literacy

National Literacy Trust – fake news and critical literacy resources, including lesson plans for different subject areas (pdfs can be found at the end of the page).

The News Literacy Project – resources to support pupils to understand what to trust in the digital age.


Fact Checkers

Full Fact Toolkit


BBC Reality Check

Channel 4 Fact Check

Infotagion – Fact checking in relation to COVID-19