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Welcome to Reception

In Reception we have 3 classes with up to 90 children. In each of the three classes you will find a class teacher and some teaching assistants, we like to think of ourselves as one big happy family!

In Reception we stay all day and get to learn and discover lots of new things inside and outside in the Reception garden.

We have lots of exciting areas to explore including the digging area, the outdoor office and the reading den. Each class has its own role play, creative and construction areas. We also have individual class computers and interactive whiteboards as well as our own mini computer suite. Our forest schools area is great for learning all about the environment and how to care for it.... and making a mess in the mud! Each week we have both indoor and outdoor games and PE - don't forget your kit! We learn letters and numbers with wiggle Wednesday and digit dancing...look out for the adults moving to Tina Turner!


At playtimes all children bring a healthy snack (fruit please) and we can have milk to drink if we like. At lunch times we can choose between our own healthy packed lunch or hot school dinners. We enjoy learning to read and have a book bag which we take home to share with Mums and Dads.


Our fun topics in Reception...

Through the Magic Mirror

Take a walk through the magic mirror - where will you go? We will be looking at appearances.. and how we can change them! Visit Coco in the village for a make-over and play guess who! Take Flat Stanley on a journey around the school and look at Harvest vegetables.

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To find our more about our topic Through the Magic Mirror see our Helping at Home letter below:

Splish Splash

ARGHHHHHHH in this topic you will enjoy becoming pirates! You will make treasure maps, telescopes and even take part in your very own pirate themed day where we have a real life treasure hunt. You will enjoy reading about the rainbow fish and learning about his adventures into caring and sharing with his friends. We have an exciting trip to St Fagons where we find out all about washing in the past.



We enjoy welcoming new faces into reception to tell us about ways they help people and the community in their jobs. Maybe someone in your family will come in to tell us what they do. Your role play area will be transformed into one of the emergency services where you can have fun and learn how to deal with an emergency.

To find out more about out topic 'Superheros' see our Helping at Home letter BELOW

Jingle, Jangle Jungle

Have you ever been on a lion walk? Or maybe a tiger hunt! Explore the jungle as you become Jungle tour guides and look at sounds, sights and patterns. Create large outdoor patterns and teach your giraffe to dance! Use your numeracy skills to compare heights of animals and follow the footprints to Forest School.

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Glow and Glitter

Have you ever wondered how letters, birthday cards or even postcards arrive at your door? By the end of this topic you will be an expert just like Postman Pat! As Christmas approaches you will write your own letters to Father Christmas. You will also enjoy learning lots of new festive songs and experience and dressing up for our concert.

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Turrets and Tiara's

What is your favourite traditional fairy tale? Find yourself transported into the land of ‘Once Upon a Time’. In this topic we enjoy dressing up and becoming our favourite characters as well as creating wonderful roleplay settings to act out our very own fairy tales. Every year we visit Castell Coch where we enjoy listening to some of our favourite traditional tales being told.

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