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Phase 2

Reception have now completed delivery of Phase 2 phonics. At the end of each phase the class teacher then assesses every child's phonics progress on a one-to-one basis. Following this thorough assessment the teacher will then devise a phonics plan for your child that is tailored to their needs. 


If you have found your way to this Phase 2 page this means that your child will now be revisiting elements of Phase 2 over the next few weeks. This is to enable your child to embed some of the key skills required before moving on to Phase 3. 


The most common reasons for revisiting elements of Phase 2 are:

- recognition of Phase 2 sounds are not yet secure. A child should know most of the Phase 2 sounds to move on.

- unable to blend and segment two letter (real or nonsense) words such as on, ip, ak, it and/or CVC words such as cat, leg, tin.

- unable to record sounds or write two letter or CVC words more independently.

- little recognition of high-frequency words.


Your child may be able to do some of the above which is great! We will now spend the upcoming weeks trying to support your child develop their skills and celebrate their strengths.


Your child's class teacher monitors progress daily and when they feel your child is ready then they will make the move to Phase 3. It can take time to embed the phonic skills, especially if your child has not attended a nursery setting, so please don't worry. As teacher's if we have any concerns then rest assured we would make contact with you. 



Please find below all the documents we ask parents to use at home to help support their learning. You will have had a paper copy of these for your convenience.  The more practise you can fit in, the quicker progress may come and please don't forget to also make use of the useful website links on the previous webpage.   Have fun!

Sound Flashcards - Phase 2

Don't forget to make use of other online resources and games too. On the Reception phonics homepage there are a host of website links that may be a great place to start for your child.  Enjoy!