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Learning is Cool... be early for school!



Starting school on time will:-

  • Help get your child’s day off to a good start
  • Put your child in a positive frame of mind so they can make the most of their learning
  • Set positive patterns for the future
  • Lead to good attendance
  • Lead to better achievement 
  • Create a good habit that the child can take into high school, further education and the workplace
  • Lead to understanding that school is important and education is valuable
  • Help your child develop a sense of responsibility
  • Help your child make and keep friends
  • Lead to success and self-confidence
  • Every minute counts! Being late by just 5 minutes every day for one year is equal to 3 days of lost learning 



Miss School-Miss Out!


Excellent Attendance


Expected Attendance


Risk of Under Achievement


Serious Risk of Under Achievement

Below 85%

Extreme Risk of Under Achievement



Don’t be late because…..

  • It gets your child off to a bad start
  • It can be embarrassing for your child
  • It will be noticed by other children who might make negative comments
  • It may lead to your child losing confidence
  • It may lead to your child feeling confused all day! He/She will have missed out on vital instructions, information and bits of news at the start of day.
  • It disrupts the lesson for everyone.
  • It can cause your child to fall behind with his or her work
  • It creates a bad habit that can be hard to break at high school and in the work place.
  • Being punctual is important….. If you have a problem getting your child to school on time:
    • Talk to your child
    • Talk to the school
    • Ask for help.