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Maths & Numeracy


A good knowledge of maths and Numeracy and the ability to apply it is an essential part of our everyday lives. In school, we use maths and Numeracy skills every day across different curriculum activities.  Children develop their skills at different rates and in different ways. Children also develop their skills in different ways at home too. From playing certain computer games, buying sweets, cooking/baking or working out how far their pocket money will stretch - at times children will develop skills without even realising it.  In school, there is a focus on developing procedural skills, problem solving and reasoning. In addition, there is also the importance of quick number fact recall: knowing times-tables, addition/subtraction facts and number bonds, for example. We teach these skills both discretely and in context to help build children's abilities to use their skills in a variety of different contexts.


Many parents and carers wish to support children at home and we are always happy to suggest ways to support this.


Please feel free to view the suggested resources listed below for some ideas of ways to help at home:


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