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We are a big nursery with forty children both morning and afternoon. We have one large room with lots of toys and games, a role play area, craft area and book corner. We have a technology room with a computer suite and an area to build and construct using a range of materials. We also have a sensory room where we can watch the changing lights, the bubble tubes and explore different sounds and smells. Every day we have snack time where we eat healthy snacks and drink our milk. Sometimes we bake our own snack and that’s always lots of fun.


Outside there is a large garden area where we can explore the water toys, dig in the large sand tray, mark make using chalks and make large scale models! We have areas for small world activities and also a play house that we can change into a garden centre, farmers market or even Santa’s Grotto. You may like to help us plant some flowers and vegetables and watch them grow.


Every day we have group time when we listen to a story and sing and make music to our favourite songs. We have such fun and learn many new exciting things through a range of topics. Why don’t you join us? We would love to welcome you to Rhiwbeina Nursery Class.


These are the fun topics in Nursery..


The Scarecrow's Secret

Come and look for signs of Autumn and prepare for Harvest. We plant bulbs and winter vegetables and look after them so they will grow. We read stories about scarecrows and farmers and collect lots of things for us to count. Can you make a scarecrow to look after our garden?

To find out more about what we do for our topic The Scarecrow's Secret see our newsletter!

Seeds and Sunflowers

This topic is all about Spring time and new life. We don our wellies and go for a walk around the school taking photos of signs of Spring. We enjoy playing in our very own Florist and Garden Centre. We have fun planting flowers in the garden and learn how to care for them. We also have a sunflower growing competition. We learn simple Folk Dancing steps to traditional Welsh Folk music to celebrate St. David’s Day.

To find out more about what we do for our topic Seeds and Sunflowers see our Helping at Home letter below:

Lets Build

This topic is lots of fun as we welcome the builder and carpenter into school to show us how to build walls and fits doors.

We talk about different buildings and what they are for and build our own using a range of materials.

We even make bridges for the Billy Goats to cross but watch out for the Troll!!

To find out more about what we do for our topic 'Lets Build' see our 'Helping at Home' letter

Twinkle Twinkle

We go off into Space and learn all about the planets, astronauts and exciting journeys into Space. We build rockets and spaceships and sing songs as we go. We enjoy using the big hall for drama and movement as it gives us lots of space to move around. We read stories like ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and count and order numbers to 10.


To find out more about what we do for our topic 'Twinkle Twinkle' see our Helping at Home letter below:

Beth Sy Yn Y Bocs?

Open the box to see what's inside. There is a new box everyday with exciting things to see, touch and do.

Will it be a dressing up box, or a craft box or even a campfire box? Can you guess from the clues?  What would you like to find in the box?

To find out more about what we do for our topic Beth Sy Yn Y Bocs? see our newsletter!

Amazing Animals

A fun topic to learn about animals and their habitats. Please tell us about your pets and remember to bring in your poorly animals (cuddly toys) into our 'Vets' to make them better. We will also go exploring in the jungle, on the farm, in the Arctic, under the seas, and to the forest schools area to go bug hunting. The highlight of the topic is when Chris from 'The Nearly Wild Show' brings in his array of incredible creatures.

To find out more about what we do for our topic Amazing Animals see our Helping at Home letter below: