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Minutes from meeting 6th Feb 2020



This lunchtime Miss Bracken and Mrs Bricknell met with all the Energy Monitors from Year 1 to Year 6:


(1) We discussed how we enjoyed the 'Ten Day Turndown 2020' assembly on Tuesday when Mr Morris the Energy Awareness Officer for Schools in Cardiff joined us to talk to all the children. There are 40 schools in Cardiff all taking part to try and reduce their energy consumption over the next 10 days!


(2) Mrs Bricknell can access a special website that shows us how much energy we as a school are using. We looked at two reports which showed us how much energy we have used for the last two weeks.

The first week we used the equivalent energy of 16,264 1 litre kettles boiling!

The second week we had reduced our energy consumption to 15,302 1 litre kettles boiling!

That was nearly 1,000 1 litre kettles (boiling) worth of energy saved - WOW.


(3) We have some new tips to help save more energy this week - we shall make sure all cloakroom, store room and classroom cupboard lights are off unless someone is in them and tell our friends so that we are all being vigilant. 


(4) The Energy Monitors will suggest to their class teacher that they turn on the projector in the morning once the register is taken - saving even more energy!


(5) Mrs Evans (TA) is going to make us a GIANT kettle for our ECO display which is outside Miss Bracken's classroom.


(6) Mrs Bricknell has arranged for our electricians to make our BIG outside light in our staff car park more energy efficient by adding a light sensor. So when the evenings are getting lighter the light will not come on too soon.


(7) Our next meeting is week commencing 24th February 12.30pm in 3B with Miss Bracken and Mrs Bricknell.