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Digital Competence Framework


What is digital competence?

Digital competence is the set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that gives pupils access to the use of technologies and systems.

Digital competence is one of 3 cross-curricular responsibilities, alongside literacy and numeracy; it focuses on developing

digital skills which can be applied to a wide range of learning experiences that are transferable to the world of work.


What does the DCF include?

The DCF is made up of 4 strands of equal importance; each strand has a number of elements. The 4 strands are:

  • Citizenship
  • Interacting and collaborating
  • Producing
  • Data and computational thinking

Digital Competence Framework animation

Routes to digital competence

The DCF has been developed to be inclusive of all pupils aged 3 to 16-plus. It covers the development of skills from the earliest stages that very young children need to learn.

Our approach to digital competence will be in line with all other aspects of our Curriculum. Learning will be fun, engaging and broken down into small steps and individualised for each pupil.


Digital leaders

As you can imagine most of our pupils have excellent digital skills; they are used to using technologies as part of their everyday life and learning.

Our Digital Leaders provide help and support to other pupils and staff; they also develop their skills with technologies, their interaction with others and of course their leadership skills.

Our Digital Leaders  also encourage other pupils and staff to use the most up to date resources without fear!