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Phase 3

If your child has now come home with high-frequency word set 7, blending and segmenting set 6 and a set of Phase 3 phoneme flashcards then this is the page for you!


As we progress through the Phase 3 we will continue to upload the high-frequency word sets as well as the blending and segmenting sets. This is so that you have access to gain another copy should you need it.


Phase 3 is a big phase and contains a lot of new sounds and skills. It is common for most children to do Phase 3 phonics twice in order to embed all that is taught. It is an exciting phase where reading really begins to open up and their writing becomes more decodable each week. We hope you enjoy the next stage of your child's phonics journey.  Have fun!

Phase 3 Sound Flashcards

Don't forget to make use of other online resources and games too. On the Reception phonics homepage there are a host of website links that may be a great place to start for your child.  Enjoy!