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Year 3


It’s goodbye to being an infant and hello to being a junior! It’s goodbye to pencils and hello to writing in pen! It’s goodbye to printing and hello to a new type of handwriting-joined up writing! It’s goodbye to stickers and hello to starting to earn housepoints. There are four houses Briwnant (yellow), Deri (blue), Nofydd (green) and Wenallt (red). All the house points you earn count towards the house point assemblies we have.

You’ll also enjoy the excitement on Dydd Gwyl Dewi. Go wild when showing off your talents in the junior Eisteddfod. Win rosettes, try your best and help your house to win!

Sports day gets more exciting every year and in the juniors you get to go to the National Indoor Athletics Centre at NIAC and run on the proper running track. It’s not just running, there are great activities throwing the javelin, hurdles, obstacle races and lots more.


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Our topics in year 3....

Looking for Clues

Create and develop your own detective persona - make sure you disguise yourself well! There will be lots of opportunities to uncover the hidden clues and solve the mysteries of this terms work. Will you work hard in order to graduate from the Year 3 detective academy?

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Going Beserker

Travel back in time to the days of the Vikings. Were they vicious or just misunderstood? ...... Find out through lots of drama, research and storytelling. Enjoy becoming a Viking for the day - fighting, feasting and trading.

No visit for this topic but you have a Viking day!


Crafty Celts

Who lived here, in the land of Wales thousands of years ago? Discover what life was like in a Celtic Hill fort. Find out who will be in your Celtic family - you never know you might find a Celtic husband or wife! 

Visit : the Celtic roundhouses in St Fagan's to see what life was like for these people.

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Growing Up

Where does the tooth fairy put your teeth? What does your dentist see when they look into your mouth? Enjoy investigating teeth - make sure you keep them clean! As part of growing up, we'll be looking at life as a Victorian child. Think doing the washing up is hard work? Think again! You'll be going to the mines at the Big Pit to uncover the hardships of Victorian children.

Visit : Big Pit for a full day.

To find out more about our topic Growing Up see our topic web.

In the Freezer

Has a penguin ever met a polar bear? Travel to Bristol Zoo to observe animals up close. Learn about life in the polar regions of the world. Join Captain Scott on his journey to be the first person to reach the South Pole. Discover the adventures he and his team had and develop your team building skills.

For more information on our topic 'In the Freezer' see our Topic Web and Mind Map

Disappearing Footprints

Ever watched Newsround and thought you could do a better job? Now's your chance! Become a TV reporter. You'll carry out research for your given endangered animal and put together an inspiring and persuasive report which will save them from extinction. Record your final presentation and watch yourselves on the big screen! You'll dress up as your endangered animal and front a campaign to champion your cause.

Visit : Southerndown beach for a full day to look at habitats!

To find out more about our topic Disappearing Footprints see our topic web.