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A superhero like you...

R2 have had lots of fun investigating and problem solving this week. We have found out lots more about the real life superheroes who help us everyday.

What a week in R3. We became detectives looking at clues to find out which real life superheroes our lost property belonged to. We have finally opened our Superhero HQ in the classroom so we can get on with the jobs in hand and we were I.T. whizz kids this week, using the chrome books to transport us into real superhero figures using purple mash mashcam! It has been great fun!!

R1 explored Real Life Superheroes in greater detail. We considered the roles of people who care in our society. As well as this we played around with mathematical concepts and shared creativity and thinking. By playing both inside and outside we have a healthy balance, developing ourselves in the Foundation Phase at Rhiwbeina Primary School.