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If I Built A Car!

Finally R1 have had their turn at this brilliant book! It really got our minds whirring with all sorts of amazing ideas for our own vehicle designs. The traffic survey was so much fun too...we couldn't believe that we got to see a double decker bus!

What an exciting week it has been in R3! We thoroughly enjoyed our new book 'If I Built a Car' by Chris Van Dusen inspiring us to design our very own dream cars. We went on our first adventure outside school to complete our traffic survey and we all got to use our own computers to make a pictogram with the information we had collected. To top it all off we ended the week with a fun day supporting Children in Need! Here are a few snap shots for you to see.

R2 enjoyed their book 'If I Built a Car'. Here are a few photographs of some of the lovely activities we have enjoyed doing this week.