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Making a vote!

This morning when we came to school we were very keen to share what we had heard about the Election in America for the next president. We shared lots of ideas about what we know, what we think and asked lots of questions. We used the internet to help us and as part of our pupil voice we chose to have a class election. We chose a subject that we are interested in. Our playground! We created two groups - "the keepers" and "the changers". We got into our two teams and thought of ideas and reasons why we believed in change or to keep the playground how it is. We made our own group mind maps using our teamwork, thinking and reasoning skills.

We put our ideas and arguments forward to the voters in our class using our oracy and listening skills.

We then decided who we wanted to vote for and made our vote in a private voting booth in our classroom.

We then counted out the votes with one representative from each team. We used our numeracy skills to work out who had won the votes.

The "changers" won! The changers were excited and celebrated!

We talked about how we celebrate a victory and how the others would feel when they didn't win the vote using what we have learnt in our Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We watched the beginning of Donald Trumps acceptance speech and learnt how it is important to praise the other team as they worked very hard. We had a member of the "changer" team make an acceptance speech who praised the "keepers" and he gave the best advice... "you worked so so hard and you should be very proud of yourself. You didn't win this time but if you keep trying to do your best and work hard then you may win next time. Just keep going. Well done to everyone"... very well said!

A truly fantastic experience which we used so many of our skills to do! We loved it and we now understand better how elections work, how to respect others and their ideas, how important it is we value our own and others ideas and opinions and that we always should try hard and do our best. A fantastic learning experience for all!