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Our topic has begun! Real Life Superheroes...

R3 have had an exciting week beginning our topic 'Zero to Hero'! We have looked at the real life superheroes that we come across in our everyday lives and how they help so many of us.

R2 have had a super busy and super fun week working inside and outside. We have been thinking about the real life superheroes who are all around us doing super special and super important things every day. We started thinking about our own superpowers, showing kindness to our Reception friends and teachers.

R1 have been singing, dancing and acting like superheroes. We created, showing innovation and used critical thinking as we learned about real life superheroes. We solved problems working together and we were effective members of Reception. We treated our friends with respect and care. Our new teacher and assistants shared the positive aspects of our behaviours with our class. We chose our favourite 'real-life' superheroes. We had to help them as the ice cold weather caused them to get stuck. Through imagination and creative play we had ‘fun, fun, fun,’ learning together.