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Super Daisy and the Super Pea...

R3 loved the story Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea. We had our own invasion of peas in the classroom and we got creative with them! We explored our own bodies and the wonderful things they can do. We took part in three challenges testing our jumping, running speed and balance. We thought about what we need to put into our bodies considering healthy and unhealthy food.

R2 had so much fun reading Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea this week!

R1 have explored the factors that affect physical health and well-being. This includes health-promoting behaviours such as physical activity, including sport and balanced diet. Talking of food, we read Super-Daisy and thought about peas as we have never done so before. We further explored Real Life Superheroes and investigated like detectives, exploring the tools and clothes people need for their caring jobs. Through scientific enquiry and discovery, we were challenged to be curious and to question, to think critically and to reflect upon evidence. An enquiring mind stimulates new and creative thinking, through which learners can gain a deeper understanding. This has been a very busy four day week!