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Week 2

This week R2 have had so much fun exploring pirates! We went on our own treasure hunt, which was great fun! We love being outdoors! We also did a lot of exploring in the different areas in the classroom.

OOOOH ARGHHHHH! This week in R3 we have had great fun exploring pirates. We have completed our very own treasure hunt following a map, we even brought out wellies in to make sure we could go into muddy areas. We have learned how pirates let others know where their treasure is buried by giving out co-ordinates. It has been a busy week and we have enjoyed working together as shipmates!

R1 have had another busy week. As well as opening the 'A Pirates Life for Me' topic, we have been catching up on things from the recent past. A pirate treasure hunt set the pace for the week. We read with our new friends from Year 4. Our week had a mixture of very hard work, fun making our pirate ship role play, as well as new and exciting play opportunities. This was fun, fun, fun!