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Week 6

R1 is made up of 30 unique and wonderful people. We have worked within a broad and balanced Rhiwbeina curriculum. Those four purposes are the shared vision and aspiration for every child in R1. Mr Lock, Mrs Small and Mrs Lewis have focused on the Integral Skills and those Little Rays of Sunshine show your child has learnt these.Rhiwbeina Primary School has set high expectations for all children. In our class we are passionate about promoting individual well-being, tackling ignorance and misinformation, and encouraging critical thinking and engagement. This week parents and guardians have had the Reception report and this celebrates all the amazing things our children have done. The process is important and making mistakes is part of this. We should own our mistakes and celebrate the learning that comes from these. Thank you to our families for valuing the learning mentioned in the report and joining us in celebrating the hard work of every child in R1.